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Worldwide Family of Companies Serving the


Hospitality and

Security and Counterterrorism Planning for High Profile Performers, Venues and Events.

Scientific Restaurant and Hotel Site Location, Consumer Behavior Studies and Operational Facilitation.

Marketing, Advertising, Social Media and Revenue Development Consulting for Businesses.

Broadcast Content and Consulting, Digital Publishing, PR and Revenue Development Strategies.

Retail Sectors.

Hospitality. Media. Security. The MBMI Companies, LLC® is a holding company that operates four Limited Liability Corporations based in America’s fastest-growing city, Frisco, Texas. We provide a far-reaching menu of products and services that support broadcasters, restaurateurs, product manufacturers, and retailers. Our international team of experts integrates specialized innovation, solutions, and services for companies that rely on customers who value remarkable brand experiences. The MBMI Companies, LLC manages its wide-ranging enterprises and constantly seek international and domestic growth and representation opportunities within our sectors.

Remarkable Begins Now. The world rewards big ideas. Consumers publicly celebrate quality experiences and more publicly denounce products and services that fail to meet expectations. But when a company waits for big ideas and quality experiences to magically and organically collide, chances are that “remarkable” always will be just out of reach.

Maximized Brand Marketing International, LLC® can start you down the Road to Remarkable. Now.

Discover your consumers’ motivations. Match their expectations with your goals. Learn the experiential landmarks that lead consumers to their most desirable destination: Remarkable.

Our core competencies in branding, marketing, and advertising include imagineering of dazzling campaigns and creative for use on websites, social media, broadcast platforms, and print. We collaborate with our partners to give action to vision, to measure results, and to enhance consumer perceptions. MBMI engages customers through inspiration, information, and product transformation. Our world-recognized marketing, media, design, public relations,  and research professionals are committed to every aspect of every client goal and project we support.

MBMI is also the “go-to” secret weapon partner for restaurateurs and retailers who wish to confidentially identify and acquire top-producing business locations. Proprietary research and application of local market business intelligence provide clients with crystal clear answers and analytics that lead to favorable lease and purchase terms and a granular blueprint of local customer densities, demographics, and psychographics. MBMI compiles unbiased customer and geographical profiles that result in highly successful new market entries and improved performance in established locations.  

After site identification is complete, MBMI optionally engages with municipal permitting officials, developers, landlords, or landowners, as your representative. Our executive consultants help you to identify professional services you might require, who complement how you plan to establish, manage, and grow your property. Our team provides an invaluable 360-degree competitive edge. 

In the Aspirational Product and Political sectors, MBMI offers a wide variety of research products, marketing, business, and campaign planning and management. For aspirational products, MBMI will help identify key product funnels and wholesale representation on behalf of your product.

Our Vancouver, Canada and Dallas, Texas-based teams of graphic designers, animators, and copywriters complete projects quickly and professionally, to inspire guests, customers, and voters.  You will never reach an offshore call center for support. Your personal MBMI representative and project managers are based in the United States, Canada, or Europe, depending upon your location, to ensure seamless communication, awe-inspiring design, and detailed execution of every stage of your project

The results are truly remarkable.

MultiBrand Media International, LLC specializes in C-Suite and operational level consulting for Radio, Television, Digital Broadcast, and Social Media. The company’s worldwide advisory team focuses on providing our clients with totally confidential audience research,  content creation, and 360º business development, that includes media content sales and talent coaching and representation.

MBMI proudly represents COVERmedia to offer lifestyle news in digital formats, including high-resolution images and videos, and editorial content in multiple languages.

In Austria, Italy, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia, Latvia, Croatia and Serbia, MBMI is the authorized sales representative of Premiere Networks, the world’s leading syndicated radio programming company.

MBMI’s iLoveMyWork program provides professional career counseling, talent coaching, and representation for broadcasters, podcasters, and voiceover specialists.

Cash and advertising barter models are available for all products and services.

Find out more about MultiBrand Media International and our expert team by visiting our website.

Peace of Mind, Worldwide. The security of entertainers, VIP guests, event attendees, and staff is not a job for the uninitiated. Valoriant Safety, LLC® delivers a standard of excellence that is usually reserved only for Presidents and Vice Presidents of the United States, their families, and foreign dignitaries.

Artists, management companies, performance venues, sports teams, and arenas are “soft targets” that require the expertise of counterterrorism, security planning, and close personal protection professionals. Thomas F. Hughes, Senior Security and Operations Consultant to Valoriant Safety, is intimately attuned to the mission of keeping safe high-value targets. Hughes is a former US Secret Service Presidential Protective Division Special Agent, Homeland Security counterterrorism specialist, and training manager, who protected the lives of four Presidents, four Vice Presidents, their families, and countless Heads of State. Since his retirement, Hughes has orchestrated the protection of countless star performers, national telecasts, and high profile events.

Our security advisors and educators offer clients advance planning and onsite protection, seminars, and training courses in a variety of disciplines and topics, all in a highly confidential environment. Mr. Hughes personally supervises and prepares counterterrorism plans for high profile venues, municipalities, and corporations.

Valoriant Safety consultants also may be retained for confidential investigations.

Valoriant Safety also offers certain security products for lease and sale. Please contact your representative for details.

Foodies, Friends & Fun. Maximized Brand Marketing International, LLC® introduces a new interactive concept that promotes loyalty and relationships between the Hospitality Industry and guests of restaurants and hotels. Frisco Eats® social media platforms combine the authenticity of curated “Real People Reviews,” expert reviews and hospitality company supported feature stories, with high demand food and lifestyle video content, recipes, menus, and more. The company creates tasting events, educational get-togethers, restaurant loyalty clubs, and information sharing between hospitality providers, foodies and guests, and civic organizations. All of the company’s activities use consumer research to carefully match the needs of hospitality providers and their customers. Exclusively in Frisco, Texas for the ultimate in accountable targeting.

Groovy Guest, a service provided by FriscoEats, offers nationwide reputation management programs designed to improve guest perceptions and increase initial trials and return reservations.

Contact your MBMI representative for details.


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