Welcome To The MBMI Companies

The MBMI Companies, LLC is a Texas corporation that owns, manages, and operates three subsidiary LLCs that provide products and services to the restaurant, hospitality, alcoholic beverage, media, consumer goods, and retail spaces.

The companies focus on customer, guest, and audience acquisition and retention in the United States, Canada, Mexico, UK, and several European countries.

MBMI’s offices and creative studios are in The Star District in Frisco, Texas, USA, America’s fastest-growing city and home to the World Headquarters and training facility of the Dallas Cowboys.

Explore what The MBMI Companies offer. Then call us anytime, day or night, because the world never sleeps.

Our Businesses

  • COVERmedia – High-resolution, Royalty-free Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Fashion Video Reels, Images, and Features for Websites
  • Consulting Services for Radio, Television, Podcast, and Digital Content Companies
  • On-Air and Executive Talent Development and Career Management
  • Audience and Consumer Research
  • Expert Witness, Opinion, and Analysis in Support of Media-focused Legal Proceedings
  • Full-Service Marketing and Advertising for Restaurants, Alcoholic Beverages, Retailers, Professional Corporations, Technology, Consumer Products, and more
  • Local Owner Representation, Site Selection, and Permitting Support for Restaurants and Business Relocations
  • Guest and Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Satisfaction Programs
  • Video Production, Spokescharacter Creation, and Customized Event Planning
  • Comprehensive Public Relations, Messaging, and Online Reputation Management

Bill Pasha

President & Managing Partner
The MBMI Companies, LLC

A Message From Our Founder

You found us! Welcome to The MBMI Companies, LLC®, three little enterprises that generate remarkable results for businesses in the United States and worldwide.

If you searched for MBMI because a leader from inside your industry told you about us, thank you. If you just stumbled across MBMI, that’s great, too. We’re glad you’re here.

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Bill Pasha, and my experience as a former corporate executive for name-brand broadcast companies like CBS, Westinghouse, and Entercom (now Audacy) exposed me to many kinds of audiences. The same is true about the MBMI team. We know how to reach listeners, consumers, and guests, and appeal to them in remarkable ways.  

In 2010, MultiBrand Media International, LLC™ was created as the first MBMI company to help grow broadcast and digital media interests around the globe. Dogus Medya in Istanbul and Entercom Communications (now Audacy, Inc.) were the first MBMI clients, and they will always be special to our team. Dogus Medya owns two internationally respected national television networks, multiple radio stations, and digital interests. In 2010, Entercom owned and operated radio stations and digital platforms nationwide. It was a perfect fit that allowed MBMI to launch our unique products and services on three continents at one time.

MultiBrand Media is a result of my passion for ideating targeted content products, marketing, employee development, research, and consulting services. With a talented group of seasoned professionals offering ideas to our clients, MBMI prospered in the U.S., Canada, Turkey, U.K., Serbia, Russia, Italy, Latvia, and more.

Then, in 2012, a fortunate series of events led to the birth of the second of The MBMI Companies’ ventures, Maximized Brand Marketing International, LLC®.

An MBMI manager in Austria shared our innovative approach to our clients’ challenges with a Slovenian pet product manufacturer. Our prior successes in providing media messaging and overall business consulting stood out from the crowd and Maximized Brand Marketing International was born to serve its first consumer product manufacturing client. Our marketing and promotions team developed strategies and support materials to tell the pet product’s story, and our new client spread the word of our “secret weapon thinking” to other businesses abroad. 

A few months later, a major southeast U.S. liquor retail chain heard about our new company. The owner’s vision to develop an out-of-the-box marketing persona and a strategy to help grow revenues was right down MBMI’s alley. The creativity and success of the results attracted the attention of adult beverage distributors like Brown Forman and Constellation Brands and soon, brands like High West Whiskey, Nelsons Greenbriar, and Eight Years in the Desert chose Maximized Brand Marketing to develop digital advertising campaigns to launch, market, and co-brand their products for the needs of individual retailers.

In 2014, during a chance meeting with a five-star hospitality owner and operator, we put to work parallels between audience behaviors we knew well in media and restaurant guest behaviors. The similarities were staggering, and our experience weaponized them for the restaurateur. Later, an established U.S. restaurant company sought our help to expand one of their concepts into new European markets. We succeeded in a matter of weeks. Soon, another Euro-Asian restaurant company retained us to research and identify potential locations for its first restaurant entry into the United States. We provided research and business intel, identified a site and participated in the lease negotiations for it, acted as owner reps during construction, helped to find local contractors and vendors, and facilitated permitting and licenses. Doors opened on time and on budget. Once again, key industry leaders began to share with one another that MBMI was the tiny group to hire for big and often highly confidential jobs. Suddenly, we were in the restaurant public relations and marketing businesses and Maximized Brand Marketing Intl emerged as a new MBMI company.

Maximized Brand Marketing’s showcase of past and present restaurant clients reads like a “Who’s Who” of the culinary world: Chef and philanthropist José Andrès, social media sensation and celebrity chef Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et Steakhouse, Gibsons Restaurant Group, Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse, and others honor us when they ask MBMI to help develop, build, or promote their respected brands. Outside of restaurants, MBMI has proudly partnered with Lincoln Property Group, Texas Legends Basketball, the City and County of San Francisco, the Ohio Teachers Pension Fund, Pericon Health Systems, InspectIR Systems, MobileUX Technologies, RepeatApp Inc., and many other companies and organizations that have benefited from MBMI’s collective expertise.

Today, the MBMI Companies’ entities continue to work with network and local broadcasters, content producers and syndicators, leading restaurants, innovative technology leaders, niche legal firms, top adult beverage producers and distributors, and intelligent retailers. MBMI has produced play-by-play sports broadcasts for NCAA universities, designed animated spokescharacters, and created marketing and training videos for a lifesaving medical apparatus. 

MBMI creates entry and exit strategies that benefit stakeholders. We work with all sizes of businesses, challenges, and ideas, from local Mom & Pop storefronts in Texas to Fortune 500 companies in far-off lands.

Of course, I’m not a one man show. My wife of nearly forty years and operating partner, Debbie, is invaluable to MBMI clients. Her professional background as a corporate-level marketing executive in the construction, engineering, environmental, and architectural verticals, plus her roles as a recognized community leader in North Texas, create incremental value for our clients that is rare in our business.

MBMI Senior Advisor David Pearlman is a former Co-COO of CBS Radio and a serial intra/entrepreneur who provides our clients with depth and insight of many kinds.

Mary Jo MacLaughlin is a business consulting and information technology and systems professional specializing in Medical Technology, municipal, state, and federal government oversight, and business operations and logistics.

Robert Brndusiç-Dedus is a trusted MBMI advisor based in Vienna, Austria, and has supervised all things Europe for MBMI since 2013.

Our designers, content creators, research specialists, sales trainers, and executive support experts stretch across the pond, from Vienna to Boston, Halifax, and Ft. Myers/Naples, and across North America to La Jolla and Vancouver. MBMI’s home offices are located at the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters complex at The Star in Frisco, Texas.

I hope that you enjoy scrolling through our newly redesigned website. When you are ready to begin a confidential conversation about how MBMI can help you, I invite you to call my direct telephone number at (469) 362.1423. I personally answer or return every call. 

Let’s talk soon.

Here’s to your success!