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The New Business Paradigm demands Great Communicators. Your clients and customers expect you to be active on all platforms.  It creates a picture of trust more easily.

Communication stopped being a one-way street on the day that you posted your first Facebook or Twitter update.  Thus, these are Top 5 Habits of a Great Communicator in The New Business World.

           1.   Trust matters

Results come only after your team, customers and clients trust you. Sadly, the majority of businesspeople trust others only after success is achieved. People need to feel and believe that you are available to them now,  and that you will always be there when they need you. Want to show that you listen in the New Business World?  Try being the Bearer of Treats. The next time you walk into a meeting, take coffee with you, selected because you’ve memorizes what flavors the attendees enjoy. This demonstrates the insight you have into the person, that you’re an observer of people, and the coffee is a vehicle to encourage a relationship of open and effective communication.

          2.   Define “Why” 

We tend to focus on the “What”  and the many in business today often don’t share the same level of passion.  Bring more engagement to your next discussion with this phrase: “The reason we have/do this is …”. It works. Explanation creates motivation and delivers the message that everyone plays an important role in success.  “Why” removes most negativity and allows positive interpretation to remain in the process.

          3.   Expect Positive Outcome

Children will live up…or down…to the expectations set for them. This is a golden rule of parenting that applies to management, too.  When we set high expectations, it encourages our subordinates to do their best work.  It instills in them the value that we see in them, which is often higher than that which they see in themselves. It also portrays clearly what we, as managers, believe a win looks like.

          4.   Listen more

This is one is the hardest management tactics, but basics for a Great Communicator include knowing how to listen and when to stay quiet. Then, do both. But remember, the key to listening and getting the answers you really need, is based upon your ability to ask the right questions. You need to do your homework.  You must know and understand your subject matter as well  or better than the person across from you.

Try these statements and questions to draw out enlightenment:

          –  “I would love to get your thoughts on that.”
          –  “I value your thinking. What’s on your mind?”

          5.   Address the Issues

Even if you pause the meeting, it’s important to remove all the obstacles that create barriers for a clear communication. The “Elephant in the Room” can be a great divider.  When he enters the room, don’t be shy.  Deal with him and show him the door immediately.  Your managerial Job One is to deal with problems and turn them into opportunities. 

To summarize, you can be miles ahead of your competition by executing basics:

  • Find common ground with your team.
  • Ask for support.
  • Encourage ongoing engagement.
  • Deal with issues when they arise.
  • Ask questions and listen to the answers you receive.
  • Give everyone a reason to be, a mission, and a clear vision of what success looks like.

People want to feel valued. Value creates results and confidence. It engenders trust and greater openness. Increase your communication level by examining the values that you share with people and working together to benefit from them.

You’ll be a better communicator and manager for it.

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