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The world rewards Remarkable. Everything you need to know about Maximized Brand Marketing International is in its name. We create, market, and publicize brands from concept-to-consumer for restaurant operators, retailers, and businesses of all types, sizes, and budgets.

Your business needs to stand out from the crowd. You must be known for how you serve your customers in ways that are above and beyond the reach of your competition. It’s not just about getting noticed, successful marketing strategies require Remarkable.

Maximized Brand Marketing helps you identify your strengths, present them to new and current customers, and build long-lasting relationships for your business.

What We Do

Full-Service Marketing and Advertising for Restaurants, Alcoholic Beverages, Retailers, Professional Corporations, Technology, Consumer Products, and More

Maximized Brand Marketing International develops research-based strategies for marketing and advertising all types of businesses. Clients turn to us for affordable and remarkably creative social media posts to reels, editorial, print, outdoor, radio, television, and influencer campaigns.

We customize our proprietary guest and customer acquisition programs for restaurants, retail alcohol marketing, and other businesses, and our Alcoholic Beverage co-branded marketing program mutually benefits alcohol retailers, distributors, and brands.

We’re relationship brokers. When professional corporations require high-quality client leads, our specialists introduce them one-to-one to decision-makers.

There are other tricks up our sleeve, too. Contact us to explore what we can do together.

Local Owner Representation, Site Selection, and Permitting Support for Restaurants and Business Relocations

Maximized Brand Marketing helps businesses of any size to successfully identify potential locations to enter, build, and launch with fewer setbacks. Our demographic, density, traffic, and concept evaluation studies uncover the best neighborhoods to do new business. Our owner-representatives become your community partners, introducing you to the locals who can impact your business. We can even help negotiate your lease with realtors and developers. MBMI consultants are not real estate agents, so we work only for you…lowering stress by asking difficult questions, navigating state and municipal permitting processes, and informing you of potential concerns while presenting solutions. Maximized Brand Marketing also produces investor materials and introduces you to potential private funding sources.

Guest and Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Satisfaction Programs

Customers expect all-around satisfaction and high standards of product delivery and service. Maximized Brand Marketing works closely with your team to design customized engagement plans and improve satisfaction scores. Let’s discuss your goals and how to manufacture remarkable experiences for your patrons.

Video Production, Spokescharacter Creation, and Customized Event Planning

Top businesses ask Maximized Brand Marketing to create eye-popping and intuitive marketing and training videos, animated social media, entertaining events, and memorable “spokescharacters” to represent their concepts, products, and businesses.


Here are some examples of our work:

InspectIR Systems is the “breathalyzer to detect Covid.” When founding partners John Redmond and Tim Wing asked us to produce a high-powered training video about their prototype on just a two-day turnaround, even language was no barrier to success:

Nelson’s Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey wanted to create a short social video to describe the history and reinvigoration of its heritage core brand. In addition, the client tasked us to co-brand the video for use by select retailers. We consulted with their marketing team to create a national quality social advertising campaign, and we did it in three days:

When Constellation Brands, distributor of High West Distillery’s products, asked us to help launch unique High West western-themed products in the southeast, Maximized Brands understood the importance of conveying the rich story of the plains states where the source agriculture is grown and where they distill whiskeys. We also wanted to address our client’s passion for sustainability for future generations. The result was memorable imagery that features the tradition and pageantry of the Great American West. Throughout five separate campaigns, brand sales propelled one northeast Florida retailer’s stores to become one of the nation’s top sellers of the brands.

Take a look at some of the results:

In keeping with the adult beverage theme, almost ten years ago, Broudy’s Liquors owner, Barry Broudy, retained Maximized Brand Marketing to re-envision how we could market his liquor stores more effectively and apply our new approach to his Florida-based retail chain.

Moving away from stale “bottles and prices” advertising required a media mix that included static graphics, videos, animations, line drawings, events, VIP customer contact campaigns, education, fun events, and Smiles in the Aisles™.

Our customer-facing plan created an irreverent family of cartoon characters to highlight various store products, genres, and activities. Each “spokescharacter” is dedicated and registered to the retailer for exclusive licensing use in social media, advertising, signs, and in-store and out-of-store marketing.

Oliver, the main spokescharacter, integrates into logos, videos, signs, and other marketing materials. Oliver is a full-service character that can represent any aspect of the store. He takes on many personalities and has spawned apparel, plush toys, and other tools to promote the retailer in the footsteps of other beloved cartoon characters.

Oliver holding a martini
Uncle Oliver
New Years Oliver

‘Bearry’ represents rare and high-demand whiskeys, often referred to by aficionados as “honey barrel” items. Bearry appears in media and store signage, complete with his own Broudy’s branded whiskey barrel, to indicate the presence of sought-after products.

Broudy's Honey Barrel

‘Cherry’ and ‘Javier’ represent fun or spicy products or appeal to customers searching for something different.

Oliver and Javier

Let’s discuss how videos that feature characters can work for you.

And don’t forget events that move the needle. Maximized Brand Marketing designs and engineers events and provides staff to execute them, like this sold out event for Dallas restaurant, DaMario.

Comprehensive Public Relations, Messaging, and Online Reputation Management

Maximized Brand Marketing forms partnerships between our clients and media outlets to form narratives and story ideas to promote their businesses to television and radio stations, networks, newspapers, magazines, bloggers, and websites. We create relationships with influencers to expand brand awareness.

Maximized Brand Marketing’s GroovyGuest™ program tracks and responds to online reputation threats like bad reviews and rewards good ones. Our review monitors use technology to identify problem reviews, but business-minded humans empathetically address your customers within a reasonable response period. GroovyGuest never uses artificial intelligence to answer customer compliments, questions, or concerns.