MultiBrand Media International

MultiBrand Media International was founded in 2010 as the first of the three MBMI Companies that exist today. Our mission is to provide wise, informed consulting support to any company, individual, or charitable organization that creates content. These include radio, television, and online broadcasters, and all sizes of businesses that rely on B2C outreach through electronic entertainment, news or memes, and individuals who create content for the enjoyment of others.

MultiBrand Media also provides sales and affiliation representation to other media companies.

What We Do

CoverMedia Cover Media MBMI


High-resolution and Royalty-free Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Fashion Video Reels, Images, and Features for Websites

COVERmedia is a globally recognized digital publisher that offers radio and television stations and networks, magazines, newspapers, and websites high-resolution entertainment and lifestyle-related images, videos, and editorials. COVERmedia delivers user-selected and turnkey content customized daily and delivered to your specifications. Available on a cash basis throughout North America. Canadian clients may choose an additional advertising barter option.




Consulting Services for Broadcasters, Podcasters, Digital Content Creators and Publishers

MultiBrand Media provides high-quality guidance to broadcasters, podcasters, and digital content providers. Our team puts to work over 200 years of combined corporate-level experience to help our clients produce better programming, improve their presentations, maximize marketing, and expand their monetization to grow audiences, top-line revenues, and bottom-line profits.

I Love My Job



Career Management and Representation & Talent Development

At the core of every audience engagement is a personal connection to a talented presenter, voice actor, narrator, or journalist. MultiBrand Media’s coaches provide frank direction and actionable challenges that motivate performers to next-level success.

Additionally, MultiBrand Media offers commonsense career evaluation and representation to help you make intelligent choices about your future and negotiate for what you want and deserve. Then, when you’re ready to make a career change, our experienced counselors can help you choose your next step, inside or outside of your current career.




Audience and Consumer Research

Learn what your end-users already know, even when they don’t know they know.

MultiBrand Media’s consultants have spearheaded hundreds of research projects that uniquely qualify them to quickly and affordably uncover answers while ensuring accurate data collection and fact-based decisions.

Expert Analysis & Testimony



Media-Focused Expert Analysis and Testimony

MultiBrand Media advisors serve and contribute as expert witnesses and analysts to high-profile cases across the U.S. and Canada that involve media. Our senior executives render thoughtful opinions and detailed reports for legal proceedings, background documentation, and corporate presentations.