Our Services

For Restaurants:

Maximized Brand Marketing painstakingly inspires, informs, and transforms your passion for food and hospitality into “Remarkable.”

Restaurant companies like Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse, José Andrés’ Zaytinya, Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et Steak House, and Gibsons Restaurant Group have used us as a secret weapon in a variety of ways. We create fundraising materials, make key introductions, uncover and negotiate for profitable locations, act as onsite owner reps, provide public relations strategies, produce and place advertising, and engage, acquire and retain guests and influencers. Other large operators, like Dream International and Consolidated Restaurant Operations, have used us to help migrate their brands into locations around the world.

Here are some of the services that we offer:


Site Location
  • Target Area Demographic Information, including census and density reports, business updates, and mobile telephone-based guest mobility studies
  • Introductions to Local Service Providers (Realtors, utility providers, contractors, architects, legal, etc.)
  • Introductions to Local Leaders (Government officials, school officials, business owners, and Economic Development leadership)
  • Site Photography and Videography
  • Lease Negotiation Assistance
  • Regulatory and Permitting Assistance
  • Site Security (facilitated through known, licensed third party vendors)


Management Support
  • Management Staffing Services
  • References and Background Checks (facilitated through known, licensed third party vendors)
  • Identify and Secure Chief Medical Officer, if required
  • Mystery Diner Program and Reports
  • Media Training
  • Local Charitable Organization Guidance

Here are some of the services that we offer to convert guests into brand evangelists:


  • Local Density Studies
  • Motor and Foot Traffic Studies
  • Guest Transition Studies
  • Focus Groups
  • Online Research
  • Mystery Diner Program


Digital Management
  • Social Media Design (Static & Video)
  • Social Media Planning and Buying
  • Reputation Management (Review Replies)
  • Email Campaign Design and Targeting
  • Database Management


Guest Acquisition and Retention
  • Full Service Public Relations
  • Influencer Identification
  • Church Marketing Programs
  • Event and Activation Planning and Execution (Media, VIP, and Guest)
  • VIP Introductions
  • Retention and Loyalty Programs
  • Personalized Introductions to influential diners and other trendsetters
  • In-location Signage
  • Menu Design
  • Printing Services
  • Professional Food Photography at pre-negotiated group pricing

For Alcoholic Beverage Producers, Distributors and Retailers:

Alcoholic beverage retailers, distributors, and producers rely on Maximized Brand Marketing to create local, regional, and national digital advertising campaigns and that co-brand products and retailers, to take advantage of local retail presence, advertising budgets, and goodwill.

Maximized Brand Marketing eliminates the need for expensive creative and advertising agencies. We think in dramatically different dimensions and disrupt the norm to get you the attention you deserve.

Here are some unique products and programs designed for a unique industry:

  • Spokescharacter Ideation and Animation (think the AFLAC Duck or the Dancing Raisins), to advance advertising and marketing strategies of retailers, to alter customer perceptions and create destinations for elevated service and selection
  • Static Display Ads and Videos
Advertising Creation and Media Buying
  • Professionally Written Scripts and Professional Voiceovers
  • Advertising Buying and Placement Services across established channels
  • Meaningful Performance Analysis of Advertising and Marketing
Special Programs
  • Free Retail Social Media Design and Placement, in return for advertising space on social media feeds, websites, and other points of consumer access and loyalty
  • Producer and Distributor Access to MBMI Clients’ Retail Social Media and other platforms and channels
  • Customized Retail/Producer Co-Branding Design
  • Regional Product Introduction Programs

Do Maximized Brand Marketing products, programs and services work for beverage producers and the retailers who sell them? Ask household names like Jack Daniel’s, High West, Svedka, Budweiser, and Eight Years in the Desert. Ask distributors. Ask our retailers. We are happy to provide references. Just ask.

For Tech & Consumer Products:

Tech firms, like Inspect-IR Systems, PeriCon Solutions, and Repeat App, have partnered with us to produce fundraising materials, training videos, and memorable product messages.

We even have established a distribution pipeline for Lishinu Pet Products, the manufacturer of one of the world’s coolest and most innovative dog leashes.

Here are a few of the services we offer to the Tech and Consumer Product sectors:

Product and Consumer Research
  • Focus Groups
  • Market Entry Studies
  • Online Research Studies
  • Logos
  • Sales Materials
  • Training and Sales Videos
  • Training Materials
  • Presentations (Video and Digitally Projected)
  • Display Booths
  • Outdoor and Indoor Signs
  • Mechanical Packaging
  • Package Artwork
Advertising Creation and Media Buying
  • Professionally Written Scripts and Professional Voiceovers
  • Advertising Buying and Placement Services across established channels
  • Social Media
  • Meaningful Performance Analysis of Advertising and Marketing
Special Programs
  • No Retainer Fee for Qualified New Clients
  • All-inclusive or à la carte Pricing
  • Public Relations Services

Local Businesses, Professional Corporations, and Retail:

To create profits, every customer journey must be perfect. Maximized Brand Marketing helps you achieve your goals without the added administrative overhead associated with hiring a marketing or a business development staff. We help you learn more about your customers, and we craft messages that resonate with customers, entertain, affordably engage, activate, and retain them. We help you to listen carefully to undecided buyers and act intentionally to win them over.

Maximized Brand Marketing has one goal: To develop lifelong consumers for your business.

Take a look at these symptoms. If even one is a challenge to your market dominance, make Maximized Brand Marketing your next call or email:

  • Declining customer base
  • Bad customer reviews
  • Decreasing revenues
  • Increasing competition
  • Unclear strategic direction or operational focus
  • Underperforming advertising and social media